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She began her career as a vocalist and bolerista as lead singer of the of Afro-Caribbean music group Juventud Sonera, in the Port of Veracruz.


A one-year stay in New Orleans- meeting blues musicians, and later studying at the Boys and Girls Harbor, Conservatory in New York, gave her, in addition to academic training, clarity in her musical quest in two ways: first, a pleasure for traditional music, including social and poetic content; and on the other, the need to recreate these languages in a contemporary way.


The sea, coast , people and loneliness, the contrast of the rural with the urban-before-and-now-are among the topics addressed by Veronica Valerio in her lyrics. Songs that are allegories of the contemporary world; metaphors alluding to the speed, virtual realities and concrete, shape the language of this young artist who, with the harp in tow, sings her unique worldview.

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